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I’ve just spent the last few days at the National High School Journalism Convention in Minneapolis. As usual, it was great seeing all my scholastic journalism friends and seeing so many students and teachers coming together to learn new things and to celebrate accomplishments.

One of my favorite moments this weekend was seeing my good friend Aaron Manfull win the Dow Jones News Fund National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year award. In his speech on Saturday, in true Manfull style, he thanked all those who have helped him — mooching, he called it. As he said, it’s not stealing; it’s sharing and a way toward improvement. He created a web site — The Next 26 — to encourage such sharing and collaboration among journalism educators. He gave a great speech. If you get a chance, check it out here.

In light of that call to action to share, I’m posting my JEA presentation, “Living in the Journalism Ecosystem.” I’ll need to change the name of this session for the future (as a friend told me, he said the current title of the session sounds too science-y or earthy). The presentation is about how thinking of media as a diverse ecosystem helps us tell better stories. So here it is. And by the way, in the spirit of mooching, a couple of the examples here are from Aaron.


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