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Category Archives: New Media

I am slitting this summer up a bit spending this first part of it in Odenton, Md., with Renee. Of course, she works during the day, which gives me a bunch of time to work on all the other things I have going on. Here’s a list of the major items on my summer to-do list:

So far, I’ve kept up with my comps reading schedule, so I’m pretty happy with that. My goal is to take the exams in September sometime.

This coming weekend, I’ll head to Boston for the International Communication Association conference. I may try to blog a bit next week about my experiences there.

In addition to the work this summer, Renee and I are planning a weekend back in Indianapolis in June, and from there, I’ll head back to CoMo for the rest of the summer.

On the suggestions of my friend and occasional research colleague NickĀ Geidner, I’ve started using an install of the open-source MediaWiki tool to keep my notes for comps.

I set up this site more than a year ago, and ended up using it for some research projects that I was involved in, but largely it stayed pretty dormant as I starting keeping in more traditional means, such as Word documents.

I’ve decided that comps will present me a good opportunity to get back on the wagon as it were and starting using this tool to organize my thoughts when it comes to research.

I’ve changed the permissions around a bit here, so anyone can view it (I used to keep it as a private wiki that only I could access). Only admins (read: Only I), however, can edit it. But, feel free to take a look, and if you have any suggestions (or if I got something completely wrong in my interpretation), let me know.

As I get passed the comps in early fall, I will start to move the notes that I’ve taken over the last two years of coursework and put them online, so that I can access all my notes in one place.

To take a look at the Research Wiki, simply click here or on the screen-shot below.