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So, a little update is in order. I meant to update this in August with some posts about the sessions I attended at AEJMC, but studying for comps got in the way. I think my choice to study was the right one.

I passed comps about a month ago, so I am officially a doctoral candidate, though I am actually still finishing a couple classes this semester. The plan for the dissertation is to focus on understanding the process of developing predispositions to self-censor, focusing on familial and educational antecedents. More details in the coming weeks as I work on writing the prospectus.

In addition to writing the dissertation proposal, I’m applying for jobs (please hire me!). I’m also working on a couple research projects, including the following:

  • Studying community news site use, using hierarchical linear modeling to test whether site characteristics relate to user satisfaction and trust.
  • Continuing news media literacy scale development work with Stephanie Craft, Seth Ashley, and Christopher Matthews. In fact, we got a grant to continue this work during the next year. An initial study will be submitted to a journal in the next few weeks or so.
  • Revising a law paper I wrote last year arguing for more clarity in how state open records laws deal with educational exemptions and how FERPA has often been misapplied to effectively keep public records about schools under wraps. Co-author Jon Peters and I hope to have this out to a law journal sometime before the end of the calendar year.
On a personal note, Renée and I are less than eight months away from our wedding. We’re starting to get things organized and planned. We’ve created a website and are sending out save-the-date cards this week.

One of my favorite places to read is Kaldi’s, a nice little coffeeshop on Ninth Street here in Columbia. I think they have pretty comfortable places to sit and read, and their turkey artichoke panini and pita chips are delicious. I wish I knew how they made those pita chips — just the right amount of seasoning, and great texture, crunchy yet chewy. But I digress.

Today, I decided to head to Kaldi’s to do a little comps reading, and to my pleasant surprise, a little jazz quartet called the Ellipses Jazz Collective showed up. Always easily distracted, I decided to take a few photos and record some audio to put together a little audio slideshow.

Three of the musicians are MU students — Sarah Carney (sax), Annie Linders (drums/trumpet) and Lizzie Fraccia (piano). Isacc Foley (bass) is a student at Berkeley.

Lizzie said they started playing last spring to get some exposure, hoping to get some paid gigs eventually. Until then, they said, they’re pretty happy with the free coffee.

I am slitting this summer up a bit spending this first part of it in Odenton, Md., with Renee. Of course, she works during the day, which gives me a bunch of time to work on all the other things I have going on. Here’s a list of the major items on my summer to-do list:

So far, I’ve kept up with my comps reading schedule, so I’m pretty happy with that. My goal is to take the exams in September sometime.

This coming weekend, I’ll head to Boston for the International Communication Association conference. I may try to blog a bit next week about my experiences there.

In addition to the work this summer, Renee and I are planning a weekend back in Indianapolis in June, and from there, I’ll head back to CoMo for the rest of the summer.