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On the suggestions of my friend and occasional research colleague NickĀ Geidner, I’ve started using an install of the open-source MediaWiki tool to keep my notes for comps.

I set up this site more than a year ago, and ended up using it for some research projects that I was involved in, but largely it stayed pretty dormant as I starting keeping in more traditional means, such as Word documents.

I’ve decided that comps will present me a good opportunity to get back on the wagon as it were and starting using this tool to organize my thoughts when it comes to research.

I’ve changed the permissions around a bit here, so anyone can view it (I used to keep it as a private wiki that only I could access). Only admins (read: Only I), however, can edit it. But, feel free to take a look, and if you have any suggestions (or if I got something completely wrong in my interpretation), let me know.

As I get passed the comps in early fall, I will start to move the notes that I’ve taken over the last two years of coursework and put them online, so that I can access all my notes in one place.

To take a look at the Research Wiki, simply click here or on the screen-shot below.